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Venus' Animal Kingdom - Vintage & Antique Animal Jewellery

Shop Antique Animal Jewellery and welcome to Venus' Animal Kingdom- a collection of Vintage & Antique Animal Jewellery. We have loved animals since the Earth was made. Did you know there is an estimated there are 8.7 million species! It is not surprising that animal themed jewellery are fought after. While it might be we love a certain breed or have the certain animal as a pet. We have always been fascinated by them. Some animals have been linked to Greek and Roman' Gods and goddesses and some animals we love for sport like Fox hunting or horse racing. Some are mascots. Whatever the reason is, nothing quite gives a good hint of what you love than wearing the animal in jewellery form. 

For example, perhaps you have a fish stick pin. This will hint you that like fishing or love fish in general. Perhaps this same pin was a type of fish you especially love to eat like Salmon or is a particular fishing you love (salmon fishing). Or is it a namesake or a crest? There are many reasons and that is the joy of jewellery. It is the greatest conversation starter. 

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